Radiant Dielectric Aether Field Energy

27 February 2010

Aetheric Bioelectrical Polymeric-Matrix: A Molecular Resonance Material

By Thomas-Aaron,

The esoteric humanist work of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is not about truth. Rather a Marxist, a psychologist who has written about the relationships between Marxism and psychoanalysis. We can not come to the same conclusions about what was claimed to be observed in his PA and SAPA Bions-Biogenesis research, Reich's claims about heterogenesis and abiogenesis and the notion of PA Bion is too variable and lacks experimental proof. (See this conclusion in a research paper called Reveiw & Research: Microbiology & Biopoiesis by Paulo Correa 01-02-01.pdf). A communist psychoanalyst in Freud’s circle. This man has proclaimed he has discovered something about an orgasm and bioenergy. Then proclaims the term 'Orgone', a word Reich invents based on the word orgasm. This gross oversimplification merely misleads the unwary reader, historically and scientifically. Reich was a madman and obsessed with communism, feminism, and sex rights for children. Reich's Experiments with aetheric and bioenergy turned into a 'Reich-Orgone-Religion'. Psychoanalysts are liars, they steal ideas, put a spin on them and then take all the credit. Most of all by creating the name 'Orgone', means this name is subject to Reich and his doctrine. Reich is the final authority over the name 'Orgone' and his authoritative babble that goes with it.

Reich's 'Orgone' Accumulator Box called ORAC is some kind of large capacitor. This device has some interesting properties and remarkable qualities: including the anomalous slowing of the discharge of static electricity from an electroscopic discharge, a spontaneous elevation of temperature, the acceleration of plant growth, and the healing of animals and people placed inside the enclosure. But is it not unusual that a big capacitor can interact with the bioelectric life energy field of living things? Certainly Reich is not the only one to observe the effect of alternating layers of conductive and dielectric materials. Static and electrical energy can be stored in a capacitor. How are other types of energy effected by capacitors?

All of matter's properties have been already discovered. The final touch is to explain why matter behaves like this. An electron can not be made of matter, rather matter is made only out of electrons. A wave exhibits all of the electron's properties. This wave contains energy.

Nikola Tesla an honest man said, "We are now confident that electric and magnetic phenomena are attributable to the ether, and we are perhaps justified in saying that the effects of static electricity are effects of ether in motion."

So what is interesting is that polymers possess high values of dielectric constant. This means that external forces can easily displace both bonding and non-bonding electrons. This excites the polymer-matrix, and amplifies the Corona discharge effect.

By these presents:

1. I will refer and use terms like Bioelectrical-Polymer or Polymer-Matrix Material.
2. 'Orgonite' gives credence to Reich's work, persecution and communist destruction of life.
3. Wilhelm Reich will not be a part of this research. He has confused and deceived people.
4. Psychoanalyst are dangerous and experts at mind games and evasion.
5. Psychoanalyst are the last people on earth you want to talk to about physics or biophysics.

I have discovered through research into water structure from the U.S Patent Office, in a patent the term: polymeric matrix that caught my attention. Knowing Don Croft's explanation of 'orgonite' and Jon Logan's material, he has a laboratory called 'Wizzers Workshop', he formulates what he calls 'ergonite' and is honest about things and has no secrets about it.

The U.S. Patent number 6,022,479 by Russian scientist Dr. Igor Smirnov describes a 'Polymeric Matrix Material', He is the real source for explaining how and why it works. Igor Smirnov is unknown to the 'orgonite-cult' they have followed their idols.

I and others have observed the changes in water, wine, green tea, and sake, by changes in texture and flavor. Have also grown larger crystals. M.R.E.T. or Molecular Resonant Effect Technology is what Dr. Igor Smirnov calls the design of the apparatus. His work confirms how this material works, in this device and other applications used by other people by other names, but they all have a polymeric-matrix in common.

Dr. Igor Smirnov and MRET Water Activator
Through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tests and Infrared Spectroscopy, Dr. Smirnov discovered the water’s healing secrets—an unusual configuration and high-energy activity of water molecules.