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13 December 2007

Herman MEINKE: Orgone Devices

Herman Meinke 
Products for Nature 
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Farmington Hills, MI 48025

Herman Meinke: The Odic Disk Machine 
H. Meinke: J. Borderland Research (May-June 1985); "Free Energy In Your Own Backyard" 
H. Meinke: J. Borderland Research (Nov-Dec 19889): "Ions & Orgone" 
H. Meinke: Tuning In 1(8), Dec. 1990; "Cloudbusting: Fact or Mythology  (Part II)" 
H. Meinke: "Possible Use of Chemical Ether Generators for Drought Removal"

"The Odic Disk Machine"

by Herman Meinke

In the book "The Inner Earth" by Doreal, he mentioned that there are 144 separate and distinct types of magnetic current. The Ancients called this sub-Pranic or sub-aetheric, which can be used for superhuman powers and levitation or for control of the mind.

The following is a description of how we make a machine to allow anyone to work with each of the individual magnetic currents.

In the book "Vital Force" by Baron Charles von Reichenbach, he shows the chart of these forces:

Fig. 1: Von Reichenbach's Chart of Forces

Take a metal disk and put the N or S pole of a magnet in the center. Then place the disk horizontally. Use a compass to line up the dark blue at 90 degrees and red at 270; then you can map out the rest of the lines.

If you can see magnetic auras then you will not need a compass.

Fig. 2 shows how to make a very powerful magnetic spectrum device. The 44-inch diameter disk is made of 10:0:8 soft annealed steel approximately 3/16 inch thick. Between them are placed 16 to 28 ceramic magnets approximately 2 inches in diameter, with a hole in the center and magnetized with the poles across the faces. The blue pole is placed under the top disk and the red pole is placed down on the bottom disk. The top and bottom 2 to 4 magnets are placed so their poles repel, but when put on top of the metal disk they will still attract to the metal disk so as to compress the field out away from the center to the edges of the disk. A brass or copper tube is forced through the holes in the magnets to align them and give them support. A plastic stand or motor is used under the bottom plate.

Fig. 2: Magnetic Spectrum Device

An iron triangle was placed on one of the disks to draw off the color to work with it. The width of the triangle helps to draw off more or less of the colors nearby. The triangle is connected to a copper and iron wire to draw off the energy you want to work with. The cone on the other end increases the efficiency. An iron rod can be placed at the edge just between the top and bottom so you can draw color from the bottom and top plate at the same time.

Fig. 3 : How the colors look coming out from the machine: very concentrated near the edge and slightly inside (Geographic N: dark blue ray)

As the distance between the plates is increased the separation of the colors increases and the stinging sensation increases to a point where it decreases with further separation.

A jar placed between the disks can be used to charge water or seeds in water. 2 to 4 hours are needed for good results. If the disk is turned slowly by motor or hand (every 10 minutes by hand), all the colors will fill the water. Seeds treated for 1 hour or longer showed up to 5 times as much root growth as compared to untreated. The disk is turned every 15 minutes.  When you use the red or blue pole of a magnet you still have the complete rainbow in each color. Now as with color therapy you have each color at your command and it is already in its aura form which makes it more effective and potent than the aura which is attached to color.

On the back of most old TV picture tubes is a gray ferrite collar over copper wire. Remove them and place 2 or more over the copper tubing on the top disk. With three of these ferrite collars the odic field coming from the area between the two iron disks will be extended 10 to 100 times.

Our guess is that the field of energy may be equal to a 16-layer Reich accumulator, but it is of Od (cf. von Reichenbach) rather than Orgone.

Orgone moves west to east; Od moves south to north.  They cross each other. We think that Orgone’s physical counterpart is electricity, and Od’s physical counterpart is magnetism.

When a person sits in an orgone accumulator his body generates a larger aura. When that person puts his hands near the odic disk the orgone aura collapses and a new aura appears that seems different from the orgone aura. Carbon seems to be able to break orgone into its different colors. Reich found red and blue energy under the microscope, and between red and blue is a rainbow. Now that you have electricity and magnetism (orgone and odic) the sky is the limit. Go after it!

J. Borderland Research (May-June 1985) 

"Free Energy In Your Own Backyard"

by Herman Meinke

In looking for grid crossing points or vortexes on your own property you will find both centrifugal and centripetal vortices or whirlpools of energy. Centrifugal vortices move from the center out or explode. They can be clockwise or counter-clockwise. Counter-clockwise will add to a centrifugal vortex’s dominating destructive force effects, while a clockwise motion to a centrifugal energy will subtract from the destructive effects of that force.

Centripetal vortices move from the outside inward, or implosion. They also can be clockwise or counter-clockwise. Now clockwise energy will add to a centripetal vortex, increasing its constructive force, while a counter-clockwise motion to a centripetal energy vortex will subtract from the constructive effects of these forces.

Remember: the mind that forms a vortex tube can be even more important then its rotary direction. The element that formed radium (c-c) will not be the same as the element that formed the element oxygen, clockwise. If you are going to work with vortex energies or grid points which are vortex energy, you should keep a positive outlook and work with love in all you do.

Fig. 1: Centrifugal and Centripetal Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Vortices

J. Borderland Research (Nov-Dec 1989), p. 17 

"Ions and Orgone"

by Herman Meinke

I’m sure you’ve noticed some foggy days that seemed healthy and alive but others that appeared toxic and lifeless. It became apparent that the same condition occurred in my laboratory experiments on bion growth, there were many days when I worked with silica gels used in the research of bions and their growth later into insects. Eventually I noticed that these particular gels resembled the same phenomenon of toxic DOR (Deadly Orgone) whereby solutions with materials in suspension, such as clay, fell to the bottom and other substances floated upwards instead. This is depicted in the moving nature of orgone-like foggy days. This beautiful orgone experience is seen when fog rises from a swamp at night or when rolling in from a south sea island. In DOR contrast, a smog-filled room that is highly positive (negative ions far outnumbered by positive) has a DOR-type stagnant air. This will clear up, however, when negative ions are reintroduced. I am not, however, saying that negative ions are orgone energy.

This same situation occurs outdoors when the air is charged very positively. Normally, fog doesn’t lift easily. This is because the ionosphere is charged with 400,000 positive volts, whereas the earth’s ground surface tends to be negative, pulling the positively charged fog downward. This same situation fits other DOR type problems. Since these lighter, more mobile negatively charged particles are no longer present, the heavier and more condensed positively charged particles now repel each other in a manner similar to the particles in the silica gel solution in water, mentioned previously. If I were to pour water on a colloid, the water would tend to move the whole gel. Just like this gel phenomenon, DOR type fogs refuse to move, even when a breeze or wind comes along. It is as though the fog particles form an expanded colloid like sponge for many miles. Under these circumstances, it’s easy to see why the air prefers to pass through the sponge instead of struggling to impel it to move. Try to visualize the for as a 3-dimensional screen with the corners of its cube having positive ions (or DOR particles) and the smaller air particles passing through the screen but not affecting its movement.

As stated earlier, you can experience orgone energy when encountering fog rising from a swamp both early in the morning and late at night when it comes gently rolling off the ocean. It occurs in the strongly charged negative ions of the misty sprays from cool mountain waterfalls. These particular ions are attracted to the ionosphere (which is highly positive) and they’re lifted upward. The negatively charged earth repels this type of orgone fog, causing it to turn into levitational clouds.

This same situation happens when a negative ion generator is used to clear up a smoke-filled room. My research does not indicate that orgone energy is related to negative ions but rather that orgone presence does seem to cause the air to become negatively charged.

Reich himself described fogs that would not move even in the presence of a wind or breeze and referred to them as DOR type fogs.

Some of my previous background involved working as a polymer chemist at Reichbold Chemical Co. along with experience as a plating chemist at Continental Dye Casting Co and automotive head chemist at EZY Products. This particular background helped me to formulate the above theories.

Perhaps other scientists as well as lay people can now use this information to advance their understanding of orgone energy. In the past 20 years, I have personally taken readings of the ion content of the air and used negative ion generators to simulate different effects. These instruments can be very useful in studying both orgone and DOR effects on air.

Remember that negative ion generators are not orgone generators. Negative ion generators will collect all the dirt from a room and deposit it on the walls nearby, actually bonding it to the paint. Further months of usage will also collect DOR dirt, radioactive fallout dust, and other toxic chemicals, confining it to a small area, becoming too dangerous to be near eventually. Negative ion generators produce ORANUR effects. ORANUR is the acronym used to designate Orgone Nuclear Reaction.

There are ways to generate beneficial ions which may prove to be more closely related to orgone energy and thus safer. Refer to British Patent # 1,266,227. If the electricity from a 5000 and 10,000 V AC generator is stored between capacitor plates without producing any electrical breakdown in the dielectric materials between the plates (and if there is no electrical discharge in the air), then a small bluish glow will be observed when there is a small air gap between the plates. When this happens, the air coming through the plates acts like highly charged orgone energy. Tests run on the above patented device , with air recirculating for over one hour through the device, removed 88% of the CO2. This air also caused rapid healing in highly infected mice.

Tuning In 1(8), Dec. 1990 

"Cloudbusting: Fact or Mythology  (Part II)"

by Herman Meinke

In a book called "When Stars Look Down", George Van Tassel describes a device that will double the size of normal vegetables. It is supposed to charge the ground. You weld a 4 foot cross on top of a 21 foot pole with needles pointed up 2 inches apart at the top. Wires are then buried in the ground 18 inches deep. He sates that the device works by unbalancing the charges between the earth and the air while nature tries to counter balance. It creates an electric flux in the mast and wires. The current in the wire produces a magnetic field around it and brings about a gentle magnetic vortex perpendicular to the ground. This in turn creates accelerated electric activity in the plants and roots which are in the vertical zone of electric flux. Each vegetable then becomes a miniature atomic accelerator and thus increases its growth and current flow.

The aura around the plant was usually blue while the wire and need showed red. This is not visibly discernable but rather as light observed by the inner eye.

Several months alter an idea came to me to utilize them around the cloudbuster with each pin connected to the ground. The whole thing nw made sense. I saw a blue haze around the cloudbuster, not unlike the haze of blue I saw around the plants with the loops that discharged over the charged soil. I was encouraged to think that the points were removing the DOR in acting as a main discharge. If the needles were drawing red energy from the earth and the cloudbuster blue energy from the sky, then this device might prevent a person from being harmed while standing next to a cloudbuster.

[ ... Missing text... ]

Crystals help to attract orgone energy as well as eradicate some of the more harmful types of energies. To test your crystal’s true alignment and effectiveness, obtain a 5-ft galvanized conduit tubing and coat it with three layers of shellac. Align the tube N and S and place the apex of the crystal 1/8 inch away from the S end of the tube.

Don’t obstruct the tube’s opening. If the crystal is smaller than the opening, insert it halfway into the tube. A mild prickly sensation of cold should be felt at the N end of the tube, like a breeze. Reverse the crystal now and note a very weak medical DOR buster effect at the N end of the tube. It feels like energy is being drawn from your body...

[... Missing text... ]

( The Vitic )

"Possible Use of Chemical Ether Generators for Drought Removal"

by Herman Meinke 
(24 July 1990)

Before attempting to use the following information you shouldread "The Orgone Accumulator Handbook" by James DeMeo as well as CORE (Vol VI, #1-4, July 1954) by Dr Wilhelm Reich.

You might have asked yourself just what is a chemical ether generator. It is actually nothing more than an orgone accumulator initially discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich. There are four basic types of accumulators: box, cone, blanket, or cylinder. Their common basis is that they are always constructed with a metallic inside with the outer layer of organic material. The two layers together are referred to as only one accumulator layer. We have personally constructed functioning models with as many as 33 layers. After 30-33 layers they start to work differently. Refer to Figure 1.

Figure 1 ~

There are two ways that accumulators can be used. Most commonly, specimens such as plants or animals are placed directly inside it. In this case, the box or blanket type is utilized but cylinder shapes also have been used. Another way is to take the enrgy directly out of the accumulator and send it to the specimen itself. This latter method is employed in construction of the chemical ether generator. A typical approach in its construction is to make a 5-20 layer orgone accumulator, making a small hole through all the layers. A small flexible tube can then be inserted directly inside, thereby drawing out the orgone energy from the multiplayer box. This tube is then aimed right at the specimen. Most of the time a metal cone is connected to the outside end of the metal tube. Both tube and cone should be coated with a good flexible organic insulator to prevent orgone energy from escaping from the sides. This particular coating then creates a long, one-layer cylinder-type Orgone ACCUmulator (oraccu). Refer to Fig. 2.

Figure 2 / Figure 3 ~

In "The Cancer Biopathy", Dr Reich describes his research showing that higher temperatures of 0.2 to 0.5 degrees occurred inside his accumulators versus the room temperature. These particular accumulators were tested inside a building. Similarly, accumulators put directly on the ground showed temperature increases of +2 to +5 C. On summer days with a strong sun, temperature differences of +20 were not uncommon. The important concept to understand is that the effect is 5-50 times greater in an outdoor accumulator placed into the ground versus one indoors. At this point, try to imagine a hollow tube connected to the top of this underground accumulator with a cone placed open-ended at the tube’s end so it’s not blocked. An open ended galvanized steel funnel will work well. Insulate both tube and cone, as previously described. Instead of directing orgone energy to a specimen, aim it directly upward to the sky. Refer to Fig. 3.

If you were to construct the 10-ply oraccu as described in DeMeo’s book, burying it in the ground and pointing its funnel to the sky, the results may not be as promising since most of the energy is meant to stay within the box. To get the energy up to cloud level, its tube would have to be 10-100 ft long to add enough orgone to the sky to make it useful for increasing the probability of rain.

Another problem with an underground oraccu is the need to make them waterproof, for the stainless steel wool will rust, and if the organic material gets wet, the oraccu will cease to function altogether. Fiberglass seems to be the least affected by humidity.

The construction of the chemical ether generator is pictured in Fig. 4. We soldered three 6" diameter steel furnace pipes to create a total length of 66". A 6" copper half-sphere (bowl) then was brazed/soldered to one end of the tube. See Fig. 4A. Next, we applied 10 coats of shellac over the entire outside of both the tube and bowl. A coating of ¼-1/2" beeswax was then applied to the sphere only and 24" up the sides of the tube. See Fig. 4B.

Figure 4 / 4A /4B

After drying, we added six more layers of oraccu layers to the beeswax area only. The first layer was fine steel wool (Figs. 4C and 5). It was secured with polypropylene tape. Next we wrapped ¼” of fiberglass and secured this with polypropylene tape. At this stage, if so desired, you can apply a thin layer of unrefined melted beeswax. Now the entire tube is coated with paint to prevent weathering and protect it from rain. An application of titanium oxide enamel paint is recommended.

Figure 4C / Fig. 5

Next, dig a hole in the ground deep enough to accommodate the end of the tube and the following materials. Pour a layer of 3" of white quartz sand followed by four layers of galvanized steel screen (1/8" mesh). Then a 20" piece of silk cloth is placed on the top. The tube rests on this base and the coated portion sits just above the soil line. The diameter of the hole is 24" so that a galvanized steel cylinder will just fit into the hole. It has a protective lid of pine wood with a hole in the center to allow it to fit over the tube. The lid is 28" wide. Both sides are coated with 3 layers of a mixture of shellac and beeswax containing 5% Calcium Silicate, 10% micronized silica, and 85% beeswax. The side of the steel cylinder that contacts the lid is coated with two layers of shellac. The rest of the cylinder is not coated and should be kept clean. The top of the lid is coated with three layers of shellac followed by three layers of titanium oxide paint (peanut oil base).

Before setting the device into the ground, place a steel cap over the end. Never remove it until just before using the device; use a wooden pole about 10 ft long. For safety it is recommended to stay at least 20 ft away.

This device is capable of giving the sky enough orgone to affect a 3-mile radius within hours of its operation. Coupled with use of the new breed of cloudbusters we can remove the DOR and restore the earth and sky to health.

Note that to make the beeswax mixture stronger and more balanced, the following may be added: 0.2 grams of Biodynamic Formula #501 and 0.01 grams of diamond dust. Up to 22 grams of micronized silica has been tried with good results to further accumulate orgone.

There are some important concepts to understand when working with these energies. For instance, Nature does not just plant a forest, allowing it to grow to full size in a few weeks and then suddenly remove it. Likewise, people should not point cloudbusters at the sky to draw out energy and then remove it in less than two weeks. Cloubusters cannot be used in such a manner without throwing  Nature out of balance.

Never point this chemical ether generator toward a storm because this can dam up the orgone and cause very violent weather, even creating a "tidal wave" action somewhere else in the sky. The safest way is to point it vertically straight upward. When the total system is in operation, the energy field should look like Picture #2 and #4 as well as the effect created when lightning approaches the generator similar to the diagrams in Fig. 8, 9, and 10 (termed Lightning # 1,2,3, and 4). On the first day of successful operation one will feel as though an ocean breeze has just come in to cool the land. If you have moved too fast and overdone it, you will feels as if you are underwater. Sounds will also be very intense. These signs indicate that your generator is too powerful; fewer layers should be used in the construction of the oraccu...

There are devices available which can be used when working with the different energies described. You should build a Vitic, which we have used when becoming overcharged with both orgone and DOR. A cold shower also is recommended, followed by use of an Eeman screen and the Vitic; it is the most effective way we have found to reduce the chance of harm from excess orgone, oranur, or DOR. Information on the construction of Eeman screens and the Vitic are available from Borderland Research.

A firm reminder: When working with orgone remember that it is as dangerous as very high voltage electricity. Even an expert can be injured or killed by this force, even when doing everything correctly.

I have decided to make this information available only because no other qualified person made it available to a planet which needs it so badly. Another reason is that there are people using 1-ft diameter metal drain pipes up to 100 ft long and trying to make rain, as well as other types of devices which could harm people. Many of these people have no idea of what they are doing and are causing more harm than good (such as pointing the device in the wrong direction at the wrong time, which can actually create drought conditions).

Even our system has the potential of removing too much orgone energy from the soil and adding too much DOR to the immediate area, so it’s wise to be careful.

At this time we are trying to make an even more advanced type of cloudbuster containing small glass tubes of sea salt and baking soda encircling the middle portion of it, to be used with a more standard cloudbuster to draw the DOR out and slow the Oranur process by directly combining with DOR to produce and replenish fresh orgone for the planet. We have not yet fully succeeded. We do feel, however, that people should read "Born to be Magnetic" (Vol. 1 and 2) by Frances Nixon. I believe that these people have found a way to protect areas from Oranur with the use of sea salt and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). You could try saturated solutions as well as dry powders in your experiments. Try placing one-inch (or smaller) diameter tubes (2-3 ft long) in running water or buckets of water which should be replaced daily to assist in the removal of DOR and Oranur.

My hope is that by making this information available to the public that it will help to alleviate further destruction of our planet and perhaps save lives.

Since this research was started in 1972 and has been done only in our area, there is no guarantee that anything published here will work as stated since the energies were different and higher then...

Some General Rules for Using Cloudbusters with Needles Attached: This information will be helpful for all ether energy-controlling devices. If you want to make rain, you have to take energy from the West, then move toward the North and stop at NorthEast to cool and condense the water. A cloudbuster  in the drawing mode (they do not always draw) moving from West to East in a North direction will tend to make rain. Many other things have to be taken into account, but I am only trying to help you use the ancient chart of Fire, Air, Water and Earth:

Picture # 5


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