Radiant Dielectric Aether Field Energy

14 January 2008

How is MRET water different from magnetized and cellular waters?

  1. How is MRET water different from magnetized and cellular waters?
  2. Cellular water has organized structure that depends on the structure of biological macromolecules since water molecules have tendency to be attracted to macromolecules. For example, there is water with specially organized structure around the DNA macromolecules. Cellular water can retain its structure when water molecules are located around the surface of biological macromolecules within long period of time.

    Magnetized water is a result of the effect of steady magnetic field on foreign substances in water that have mostly paramagnetic properties. This process can create certain clusters of paramagnetic substances in water and affect water molecules as well.

    MRET water is a result of the effect of oscillating resonance magnetic field of specific frequency on molecular structure of water. There is a process of resonance excitation of water molecules there. This process is related with quantum transitions in clathrate microcavities that are non-linier, multi frequent process. MRET water can be in activated state for a long period of time. It has more informative property such as changed dielectric permittivity, viscosity, etc.

  3. Is it possible to reduce the time of MRET resonance from the current 30 minutes?
  4. Based on experiments 30 minutes found to be most optimum time for activation.

  5. It is known that water has instable structure in itself. Is it possible for MRET water to maintain its effects as the same even after boiling or freezing it?
  6. It is possible to assume that boiling of MRET water can affect properties of activated water as a result of destruction of hydrogen bonding at high temperature. On the contrary, the freezing of MRET water will enhance its properties.

  7. How is hot MRET water different from cold MRET water?
  8. According to the general concept of thermodynamics heating process leads to relaxation of any system into the thermodynamic equilibrium state. MRET water activation process is a process of creation of specific molecular structure in the body of water. The heating process may affect specially organized molecular structure and lead to dissociation of hydrogen bonding in water. It may reduce the level of MRET water activated state; however activation of molecular structure will be kept in water for long period of time. In case of cold MRET water there is no destruction of hydrogen bonding and reduction of activation as well.

  9. How are therapeutic frequencies transmitted in water?
  10. Quantum electrodynamics calls for the existence of long-range electromagnetic fields that can be transmitted by large coherent domains existing in water (E. Del Giudice and E. Preparata, Journal of Biological Physics, vol. 20, p. 105, 1994). These long-range electromagnetic fields may transmit electromagnetic signals from molecules, thus generating specific attraction between molecules with matching spectra, excluding non-resonating, unwanted random events.

  11. What is the mechanism that makes MRET water antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and mutation suppressive?
  12. This mechanism requires additional studies. Activated water has positive effect on self reparation process in case of signal and double-strand brakes in DNA structure that leads to suppression of mutation in the cells. It can also enhance function of immune system in the body. The proposed mechanism can be explained based on the fundamental law of physics. Taking into consideration that three dimensional structures of RNA molecules is specific and essential for each type of molecular complexes such as viruses, bacteria and other types of cells, it is possible to assume that the influence of the molecular structure of specific RNA polymers with subtle electromagnetic signals imprinted into the body of MRET water may lead to association or disintegration of RNA molecular structures, and as a result make possible to control mentioned above targeted molecular complexes such as viruses.

    There are a number of studies which show that the genetic macromolecules exposed to a variety of chemical and physical agents, including specific electromagnetic signals, can develop structural damages. Structural damages interfere with RNA replication and transcription, and thus can lead to the loss and distortion of information stored in RNA molecules. Biological consequences of such damage include the brake in the replication cycle of viruses, and eventually their death.

  13. Could you explain how it is possible that MRET changes water molecular structure and maintains the change for a long time in a stable way?
  14. There is developed a possible method of 'imprinting' of information into the molecular structure of water. This method is a result of controlled changes in equilibrium state of clathrate and amorphous molecular structures of water. These changes lead to certain quantum transition of water molecules inside the microcavites of clathrate structures. At certain condition these changes can be very stable for long period of time.

  15. How does MRET water strengthen the signal transduction between cells?
  16. The process of cellular signal transduction is based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves. MRET water has optimum physical characteristics such as viscosity, dielectric permittivity which can enhance the process of signal transduction between the cells.

  17. How does MRET water improve cellular hydration?
  18. MRET treatment of water can change amount of amorphous water molecules. It leads to enhancement of intracellular mechanism related to salt component in water because amorphous molecules have lower viscosity.

  19. How is MRET different from nano technology?
  20. MRET can be considered as a nanotechnology process. The difference is that most of the known nanotechnology processes are based on solid silicon material. MRET process is applicable to liquid substances such as water.

  21. Spring water with any possible benefits is spoiled in 2-3 days at normal temperature. In contrast, MRET water shall not be spoiled for 1.5-2 years and how is this possible?
  22. The organization state of molecular structure of spring water is a result of specific underground conditions such as temperature, pressure, etc. The molecular structure of spring water goes through relaxation process that leads to the lost of benefits under normal temperature and pressure. The specific molecular structure of MRET water is created under influence of Resonance Electromagnetic field when temperature and pressure is normal. That is why stability of MRET water is more profound.

  23. Is there any research being carried out regarding effects of MRET on human body? Could you explain the mechanism of MRET regarding cancer suppression and white blood cell growth?
  24. Refer to Q6.

  25. Is it possible to maximize the polymer size? In other words, is it possible to resonate water in a massive amount?
  26. It is possible to treat larger volume of water with MRET device. In this case device should have different characteristics of the magnetic power and the polymer size.

  27. Why are the effects of MRET water shown far better in distilled water rather than regular or mineral water?
  28. The effect of MRET water is related to the resonance transition of water molecules in the structure of hydrogen bonds. There are a number of foreign substances in mineral and regular water. These foreign substances can deform the clathrate structure of water molecules and prevent normal process of activation. It is possible to assume that foreign materials in water can affect the process of molecular resonance effect treatment of water.

  29. How long can the MRET water in human body maintain its effects after drinking?
  30. The effect of MRET water in the human body very much depends on the mineral content of water and some other physical parameters. According to experimental data and the results of preliminary theoretical calculations this effect can last more than 24 hours after drinking of MRET water.

  31. Different individuals have different physical conditions. How does this relate to the effects of MRET water?
  32. The effect of MRET water depends on the physical conditions of individuals. For example, some individuals feel ‘energetic’ effect of MRET water faster to compare with other individuals. The mechanism of this phenomenon requires additional study and clinical research.

  33. Different individuals have differences in characteristics of their cellular water. Is it reasonable to translate this to different responses in different individuals after drinking MRET water?
  34. Yes it is.

  35. What is the measurement of determining the lifespan of a polymer unit? Is it times of use or period of use?
  36. The life span of MRET polymer material was developed based on experimental work and precise math calculations, based on 10 hours usage per day. In this case it gives customer 7200 hours (2 years) of usage. MRET polymer material is exposed to strong magnetic field and bombardment of photos generated by LED. This process produces certain stress on molecular structure of material. It is called “fatigue of material”. Based on our experience 2 hours or 10 hours of exposure to electromagnetic stress produces approximately the same fatigue effect – this is PHYSICS of MRET process. To avoid any misunderstanding we developed standard life span suggestion for MRET system. That means MRET polymer should be replaced after 2 years of usage.

  37. Have you conducted any animal test with MRET water? If any, were there any changes in shape, for instance, of liver, heart or brain?
  38. We did not conduct any specific tests of MRET water on animals.

  39. MRET water seems to be a magic, not just a kind of water. What would comment on this?
  40. MRET water is not magic water. MRET is a special treatment of water with low frequency electromagnetic signals that can affect molecular structure of water. MRET water can selectively affect and stimulate biological processes in the body.

  41. I’d like materials and treatises published regarding the system that measures activated oxygen (free radicals) neutralization by activated water and actual effects of the measurement method.
  42. The study regarding the effects of activated water on free radicals will be conducted in the near future.

  43. What is the explanation of the white blood cell increase after drinking MRET water? Has there been any treatise publication regarding this?
  44. MRET water has beneficial effect on blood morphology. It was found during the experiments conducted on the patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Another evidence of improvement of blood morphology with MRET water is experiments with Life Blood Cell Analysis. These experiments also show improvement of red blood cells after drinking of MRET water. Thus MRET water has effect of general improvement of blood morphology (optimization of white blood cells as well as red blood cells). It means that MRET water can enhance (optimize) the immune system in the body. These data were published in Explore magazine that presents research materials for Alternative medicine.

  45. If MRET activated water is at above 100c or below 0c, would this affect the long-term memory of the water?
  46. High temperature (boiling) may affect specific structure of MRET water and reduce memory effect. It is very much depend on the time of boiling. If boiling is within short period of time and than rapid cooling of water respectfully, it leads to conservation of specific MRET structure and memory in water. The properties of MRET water are completely safe under influence of low temperature (in some cases for many years).

  47. Would there be any difference between MRET treatment for 30 minutes and for more than 30 minutes?
  48. According to our experimental work there is no significant difference.

  49. The claimed effects and results of clinical studies of MRET water sound almost the same as those of so called “wave-imprinted water” in Korea. Magnetized water achieved, in 2002, Chang Young Shil Award, which is the most authoritative prize for technicians in Korea. How is MRET water different from the wave-imprinted water?
  50. If ‘wave-imprinted ‘ water means magnetized water there is fundamental difference in physical process of modification of molecular structure of MRET and magnetized water. Magnetized water is a result of affect of steady magnetic field on foreign particles in water which have mostly paramagnetic properties. Under the influence of magnetic field these particles can form clusters which are not very stable. These clusters can attract water molecules and temporary influence property of water.

    On the contrary, MRET treatment affect directly water molecules with the help of oscillating resonance electromagnetic fields. These low frequency oscillations can affect harmonic oscillations of protons in the lattice of hydrogen bonding of water. It leads to redistribution of number of vacant and occupied clathrate structures in water. This modification process can change physical properties of water (dielectric permittivity, viscosity, etc.) and keep these changes for a very long period of time.

  51. Has there been any test conducted on regular cells and cancerous cells? If so, what were the results?
  52. MRET activation leads to modification of physical and molecular properties of water such as dielectric permittivity, conductivity, etc. This type of water can influence the process of cellular signal transduction and self recognition of the cells since this process is based on the effects of Van Der Waals electrostatic forces of attraction in the deformed cells. The same effect has place when DNA has double strand brakeage between nucleotides.

    It is very possible that activated water can support the process of self recognition of the cells (recognition of normal cells and cancer cells in the body) which is impossible in normal not activated water. The effect of MRET water on cancer cells was studied at laboratory of Engene Biotechnologies Corp., San Diego. Research show that activated water has tendency to suppress life activity of cancer cells and produce no harmful effect on normal cells. Research materials were published in Explore magazine and Electric Space Craft Journal.

  53. Is it possible for human to benefit the same from plants grown with MRET water?
  54. MRET water enhances plants growth by stimulation of function of normal cells which does not mean that cells grow “bigger”. It is possible to assume that activated water helps normal cells to go through replication and transcription cycle faster and provide optimum environment for cellular metabolism. MRET water can provide “rejuvenation” process for cells in human body. The mechanism of the effect requires further research.

  55. According to a research conducted in Japan by a Japanese doctor named Niwa Yukei, the structure of water is broken after magnetizing and its effects get worse than its initial state (before magnetizing). Are there any researches conducted regarding magnetized water in other countries, including Russia?
  56. How do Russian scientists and other academic communities see magnetized water, its structural change and magnetic field? For instance, how do they see structural change of water and magnetic field; and structural changes caused by applying a magnetic field?

    The steady magnetic field affects paramagnetic particles in the molecular structure of water. These particles can be formed in clusters under the influence of magnetic field. These clusters are not stable and usually go through relaxation process within short period of time.

  57. What is the difference between water whose energy level was enhanced by applying magnetic field and water whose energy level was enhanced in MRET?
  58. Same as Q1.

  59. Life span of hydrogen bond is just several picosecond. How long does the clathrate frame exist?
  60. If it does not last long, potential energy of microcavity cannot be high. According to Pauling model (1959) clathrate structures can exist in water for a very long period of time (several months). Clahtrate microcavities in structured water have tendency to bond water molecules stronger to compare with regular not structured water. The existence of the stable clahtrate structures in water can be proved by existence of special type of ice (ice-6 and ice-7) which melts only at the temperature of 80° C.

  61. Is it vacant inside the clathrate frame?
  62. Yes, it is vacant inside microcavity if it is not occupied by molecules of gas dissolved in water. This microcavity can be described as the three dimensional (3D) potential whole with volume of less than 5A.

  63. You described that at 4?C, 18% of all microcavities are occupied, but at body temperature, 38% of microcavities are occupied. Then the density of water should be higher at 4°C.
  64. There are three main reasons of the density change of usual (not activated) water. • The total density of water depends on a temperature-dependent ratio between structured and amorphous water. • The total density of water depends on the phenomenon of volume increasing of amorphous water at heating (as a result of increasing of vibration amplitude of water molecules) • The total density of water depends on temperature-dependent population of microcavities of clathrate frame of structured water. • In a result the density of water is maximum at 4°C.

  65. When water was obtained by rapid heating, it will have an excess of both amorphous water and vacant micro cavities. You described that such water will have a lower volume density, and significantly lessen the burden on the heart and other organ. Are you saying this amorphous water is good water? Does amorphous water increase the DNA repairing ability?
  66. The increase of number of amorphous molecules with lower viscosity leads to the rapid transportation of microelements and salts in the body liquids. On the other hand, it may lead to increase of free radicals in the body. This question requires further investigation.

  67. Then what is the structured water and activated water? Which one is good one? Which side is MRET?
  68. Structured water has normal state of equilibrium of clathrate and amorphous components in water under certain temperature. Activated water means structured water which does not have the equilibrium of components under certain temperature. Activated water may differ from structured water by other physical properties (dielectric permittivity, viscosity, etc.) and by the ratio of clathrate and amorphous molecular structures in water.

  69. Can hydrated electron be stable in water?
  70. No, they can not be stable. The average life time of hydrated electrons in distilled water is about 0.001 second. Than they go through recombination process and new ones appear in water. The reason for existence of hydrated electrons may be effect of radiation (for example the radiation of isotope K-40 in human skeleton) It is so called the process of “radiolysis”. Another reason may be electrolyte dissociation of water molecules or thermo stimulated hydrolysis of molecules in water.

  71. How could water as a liquid state be seen in dark field microscope? I cannot understand.
  72. Darkfield microscopy relies on a different illumination system. Rather than illuminating the sample with a filled cone of light, the condenser is designed to form a hollow cone of light. The light at the apex of the cone is focused at the plane of the specimen; as this light moves past the specimen plane it spreads again into a hollow cone. The objective lens sits in the dark hollow of this cone; although the light travels around and past the objective lens, no rays enter it.

    The entire field appears dark when there is no sample on the microscope stage; thus the name darkfield microscopy. When a sample is on the stage, the light at the apex of the cone strikes it. The image is made only by those rays scattered by the sample and captured in the objective lens. The image appears bright against the dark background. This situation can be compared to the glittery appearance of dust particles in a dark room illuminated by strong shafts of light coming in through a side window. The dust particles are very small, but are easily seen when they scatter the light rays.

    This is the working principle of darkfield microscopy and explains how the image of low contrast material is created: an object will be seen against a dark background if it scatters light which is captured with the proper device such as an objective lens. The image of molecular clusters in the samples of liquid water can be seen at the magnification of 4000x.

  73. How could the hardness of water decreased? Does it mean the total amount of calcium and magnesium was decreased?
  74. Yes, the total amount of calcium and magnesium was decreased. The experiment also showed that turbidity of water increased at the same time. Thus it possible to assume that certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions were bound with hydroxyl groups and developed components in form of the sediment in activated water.

  75. Does NMR experiment mean that MRET water is very structured (immobile)?
  76. NMR experiment means that proton dispersion increased after activation process. Another word MRET treatment enhanced proton activity in water.

  77. How do you know the molecular angle of water was increased to 114°?
  78. In theory hydrogen bond angle in water molecules is 104.5°. Experimental work and mathematical calculations provide result of 109°. It happens because of the consistent proton harmonic oscillation in water molecules. Based on the Pauling model of clathrate structures it was developed theory of physical mechanism of water ‘memory’.

    This mechanism is based on the idea that amorphous molecules should get extra energy to enhance harmonic oscillation of protons in water molecules in order to penetrate through the small size ‘windows’ in clathrate structure of water. Obviously this additional portion of energy will increase proton oscillation and the angle of hydrogen bonding. 114° is approximation data which can be calculated based on the mathematical equations designed to find precise amount of quantum of energy necessary to increase proton oscillations.

  79. How could the water preserve the very concrete information like molecular structure in Benveniste’ experiment? (not just the effect of conductivity, or solubility induced by magnet treatment)
  80. The examined features of spatial water structure show that water molecules are always distributed between two loosely connected systems: the quasi amorphous non-structured water and the quasi crystalline structured system of clathrate hydrates. During the process of external influence onwater (i.e. water activation) there is a significant change of its structure and parameters. Proceeding from the scale and mechanism of activation it is possible to single out two different hierarchical levels of organization for water structure (the macro level and the micro level).

    The first hierarchical level (macro level) of water structure relates to the global spatial structure of water and determines the shape and location of its spatial frame. This level is characterized by the presence of a system of clathrate hydrates, which form stable dodecahedronic polyhedrons from ions of oxygen and hydrogen. Inside the volume of each of these polyhedrons there are void micro cavities with solid walls. With the help of stable hydrogen links dodecahedronic polyhedrons are connected into associates, which may be united into large associates (macro clusters).

    In the space between the macro clusters there is quasi-amorphous water. Therefore, the macro level of structural organization of water corresponds to a balanced distribution between the amorphous water phase and another phase of water, represented as a system of macro clusters. With an impact of external parameters this distribution may change.

    For example, with lower temperatures the volume of macro clusters increases while the volume of quasi-amorphous water decreases. With growing temperatures the volume of macro clusters is reduced and, above that, each one of them may be divided into several smaller parts. Meanwhile, the volume of quasi-amorphous water, naturally, increases. The same changes may take place during other types of influences (for example, under the effect of ultrasound on water environment).

    Due to a strong dependency from external influences the macro level of water structure is not efficient enough for sustaining a system of water memory, resistant to external destructive influences. Meanwhile, it is obvious that in the absence of very strong destructive influences the process of recording of information in the form of a system of specifically arranged clathrate cells are quite possible. Simply stating, separate polyhedrons of the clathrate frame may be connected with each other by several alternative ways.

    One important aspect here is that realization of a definite orientation of a specific pair of polyhedrons automatically leads to the outcome when subsequent polyhedrons would be attached to that “leading” associate in the same way that causes the appearance of ordered macro clusters. Such system has a definite structure, which can explain the possibility of global structuring of large volumes of water. The other hierarchical level (micro level) of the water structure is related to processes of movement and distribution of separate water molecules between micro cavities of the spatial clathrate water frame and quasi-amorphous non-structured water. That micro level determines non-stationary evolution of water molecules.

    The process of evolution is determined by two possible directions: molecules can leave the volume of quasi-amorphous water, penetrate the volume of these micro cavities and stay there for a long time in hydrophobic form, or, to the opposite, transfer from micro cavities into the volume of quasi-amorphous water. It is absolutely clear that the micro level of water structure is distinguished by a much greater stability with respect to effects of external destructive factors than the macro level. With all external transformations of the clathrate frame typical for the macro level, hydrophobic water molecules remain in a stable state in the volume of micro cavities. Such stability makes the micro level of water structure an effective object for organization of a system of water memory.

  81. How is MRET activated water compared to human body's structured water? (according to presentations, activated water is "same" as body's structured water).
  82. Cellular water in the body has "in general" complex structure based on clustrate organization of molecules. There is no just "one" type of cellular water for everybody. The same body has about 9 different types of cellular waters which depend on the location of the cells and organs in the body. Cellular/structured water also dramatically changes depending on the environmental input, diet, water source , etc. The statement MRET water resembles cellular water based on complex clustrate structure of both MRET and cellular water. MRET treatment of water can change amount of amorphous water molecules. It leads to enhancement of intracellular mechanism related to salt component in water because amorphous molecules have lower viscosity.

  83. How is the angle of the hydrogen bond measured? 104.5 to 114.5 degree.
  84. In theory hydrogen bond angle in water molecules is 104.5°. Experimental work and mathematical calculations provide result of 109°. It happens because of the consistent proton harmonic oscillation in water molecules. Based on the Pauling model of clathrate structures it was developed theory of physical mechanism of water ‘memory’. This mechanism is based on the idea that amorphous molecules should get extra energy to enhance harmonic oscillation of protons in water molecules in order to penetrate through the small size ‘windows’ in clathrate structure of water. Obviously this additional portion of energy will increase proton oscillation and the angle of hydrogen bonding. 114° is approximation data which can be calculated based on the mathematical equations designed to find precise amount of quantum of energy necessary to increase proton oscillations.

  85. Any document to show body's structured water is 114.5 degree?
  86. There are no documents to state that structured water in the body has 114.5 degree. It is theoretical approximation.

  87. Another aggressive brand in Thailand called Cosmic Water (Taiwanese) claimed that theirs is 103.5 degree, therefore smaller in hydrogen bond size which means better cluster to hydrate cells. I checked the US patent, its magnetic treatment for enhancement of taste, no energized water claim.
  88. If ‘wave-imprinted ‘ water means magnetized water there is fundamental difference in physical process of modification of molecular structure of MRET and magnetized water. Magnetized water is a result of affect of steady magnetic field on foreign particles in water which have mostly paramagnetic properties. Under the influence of magnetic field these particles can form clusters which are not very stable. These clusters can attract water molecules and temporary influence property of water.

    On the contrary, MRET treatment affect directly water molecules with the help of oscillating resonance electromagnetic fields. These low frequency oscillations can affect harmonic oscillations of protons in the lattice of hydrogen bonding of water. It leads to redistribution of number of vacant and occupied clathrate structures in water. This modification process can change physical properties of water (dielectric permittivity, viscosity, etc.) and keep these changes for a very long period of time.


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