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09 February 2008

Biological activation of inorganic materials: Improving plant growth, or as a feed additive, comprises the use of radiation from an orgone chamber

Method for biological activation of inorganic materials, e.g. calcium carbonate, useful to provide products for e.g. improving plant growth, or as a feed additive, comprises the use of radiation from an orgone chamber

Publication number: DE10204881
Publication date: 2003-08-14
- international: A23K1/175; A61K33/06; A61K33/10; A61K33/14; C05F17/00; A23K1/175; A61K33/06; A61K33/14; C05F17/00; (IPC1-7): A61K41/00; A61K33/06
- European: A23K1/175D; A61K33/06; A61K33/10; A61K33/14; C05F17/00H
Application number: DE20021004881 20020205
Priority number(s): DE20021004881 20020205

Abstract of DE10204881
A method for biological activation of inorganic materials (I) involves applying radiation from an orgone chamber onto a metal surface and placing the mineral material (I) under the surface at a pre-determined spacing, so that (I) is subjected to the effects emanating from the orgone chamber and the metal surface. An Independent claim is also included for an orgone chamber for carrying out the process, comprising a vertical hollow body (preferably of square, rectangular or round cross-section) with: (1) vertical walls consisting of an inner electrically conductive layer (preferably of steel sheet) and an outer non-conductive layer; (2) a closed base consisting of a film or sheet (preferably of aluminum, as information matrix); and (3) a closed top consisting of a combination of layers as in (a), covered with a layer or quartz sand.

1. Method for the biological activation of inorganic materials, characterised in that the radiation on a surface made of metal, withdrawing from a Orgonkammer, meets, under this surface mineral materials in a defined spacing by this surface to be stored and the mineral materials of the effect outgoing of the Orgonkammer and the metal surface be thus suspended.

2. Process according to claim 1, characterised in that the materials calcium carbonate, sodium chloride or magnesium sulfate which can be activated represent.

3. Process according to claim 1 and 2, characterised in that those to activating materials loosely or in bags to be packed, individually, secondary or one above the other the effect of the Orgonkammer for biological activation be suspended.

4. Apparatus for the realization of the process according to claim 1, characterised in that the Orgonkammer from senkrechten an hollow body exists, the which in cross section seen preferably squarely, rectangular or approximately trained is, which consist senkrechten of walls of the Orgonkammer at least of two coatings, i.e. an electrical conductive layer arranged inward, preferably from steel sheet and outside electrical a not conductive layer, which is locked Orgonkammer at the lower end by a film or a sheet metal, preferably consisting of aluminum (when information matrix), and the upper end of the Orgonkammer is likewise by a group implemented by coatings, which corresponds to the senkrechten walls and is placed on the Orgonkammer group a coating quartz sand locking above.

5. Apparatus according to claim 1 and 4, characterised in that the sheet metals, which lock the Orgonkammer inside, outside are coated with beeswax.

6. Apparatus according to claim 1 and 4, characterised in that the senkrechten of walls of the Orgonkammer from several electrical conductive and electrical not conductive layers exist and these coatings are alternately arranged.

7. Vorlichtung according to claim 1 and 4, characterised in that the film or the sheet metal, which locks the Orgonkammer down, is surface-moderately so largely implemented that under it comfortably a pallet with several 50 kg bags with inorganic materials can be stored and the place for the storage corresponds to industriellen for biological activation thus approximately that the surface of the film or the sheet metal, which locks the Orgonkammer down.

The invention relates to a method, with which it becomes possible to activate inorganic materials in such a manner that with the inset of these materials on the fields of the agriculture and environmental protection favourable effects are obtained. With the inset in the agriculture z becomes. B. the growth of plants and their root formation affects favourably. In the range of environmental protection it is possible, biological expiration operational sequence z. B. to support during the humus production, as a faster and better rotting of the Kompostiergutes takes place. Introductory it is to be stated that the activated materials in the sense of a biocatalyst become effective. With the most diverse application possibilities still one deals later. Further the invention concerns an apparatus for the realization of the method, i.e. that with the help of the apparatus the treatment of the inorganic substances and thus their biological activation takes place.

It is to be dealt now with the state of the art.

In the German utility model G 90 00 790,5 U1 with the title ?Orgonpyramide? of receiving and using cosmic radiation one speaks. This energy radiation is to represent an alternative to the use of attraction stream, how it comes usually in the medicine to the use. When apparatus becomes the receiving of the cosmic radiation, as it expresses the title to the utility model writing, a pyramid-shaped apparatus uses.

In accordance with G 94 08 068,2 a pyramid-shaped equipment is entered, in order to be able to receive the cosmic radiation. One points out that it is appropriate to implement this equipment in such a manner that the walls exhibit a multilevel structure, i.e. mutual arrangement of electrical conductive and non conductive coatings.

Further is to the DE 296 04 486 U1 referred. There becomes and. A. implemented that so-called Orgon accumulators are used by welfare practical men, in order to use the energy received with these apparatuses in the sense of a Orgonstrahlung. Thus is as alternative to the medicinal used radiotherapy and. A. a suggestion of body-own processes to be caused. The Orgonakkumulator described in accordance with DE 296 04 486 U1 possesses again a structure, with which the walls consist alternately of electrical conductive and non conductive coatings.

In this connection is to be referred also still to a product information 2001 under the title ?in conformity with the universal energy?, whereby it concerns Orgonprodukte here. The Orgonprodukte, z. B. Orgonstrahler, are offered to 7 under the mark MEDEA. These products available in the trade are to promote in principle the human well-being. Items can be reread in the quite detailed product information. Also on other fields the most diverse Orgonprodukte is applicable according to product information. For the example a modified Orgonstrahler, then is called the apparatus, that is a Orgonstrahler with a waterproof casing, in a Gartenteich, Swimmingpool or an aquarium is put. An improvement of the water quality is to be achieved thereby.

Finally is to be referred still to the DE 44 38 340 A1. Apparatuses are described, whose task should be it to use cosmic radiation energy whereby these apparatuses are brought to the respective place of work, in order ?locally? favourable effects to obtain. In the aforementioned patent application becomes and. A. stated that the conversion does not take place from ammonium in stinking ammonia.

In summary can be determined, which was already dedicated to the problem of the use of cosmic radiation energy and the use of the Orgonstrahlung standing thereby in the connection a certain attention. Beside Orgonstrahlern for medicinal tack, which general is to promote said the well-being that to treating persons, in principle comparable solutions are used in the environmental technology, here particularly during the water waste water and liquid manure treatment and in the agriculture. The Orgonstrahler present for medicinal tack in the trade is small and handy and otherwise not usable. The suggested solutions, in the o. g. patent-official writings were stated briefly, assume under use of the Orgonstrahlung the appliances and apparatuses come always to the inset, where it applies general said, to affect the environment. The well-known Orgonstrahler/devices come then at the respective place of work to the use. It does not belong so far to the state of the art to manufacture biological activated materials industrially which are then supplied at the respective place of work of the use.

It is therefore the task of the invention to activate inorganic materials with a economical industrially usable method biological in order to obtain with this in such a manner treated materials in respective case of application on the fields environmental technology and agriculture favourable effects. The appropriate apparatus according to invention is to exhibit a simple structure and to make the treatment possible of large quantities of the inorganic materials concerned.

The task is solved as follows according to invention, whereby regarding the fundamental inventive thoughts to the claim 1 one refers. The further arrangement of the invention results from the claims 2 to 6. The explanation of the invention further remarks are to be made.

A Orgonakkumulator, in the further one than Orgonkammer designation, consists of a perpendicularly arranged hollow body, which is preferably in the cross section rectangular, square or round. The senkrechten of walls consist of at least two coatings, whereby always the internal coating consists the other coating in the hollow body of metal, appropriately of steel sheet, and of electrical non conductive material, preferably felt, Steinwolle or sheep wool. As far as more than two coatings are used, a mutual arrangement takes place from electrical conductive and non conductive coatings. The hollow body is locked down by a film or a thin sheet metal, consisting of metal, preferably from aluminum. The sheet metal is naturally slid into slots, so that it is to be changed if necessary easily. It is to be noted that between the metal on and/or. in the senkrechten walls of the hollow body and the sheet metal for the lower termination no electrical contact exists. The upper termination of the hollow body takes place likewise via mentioned coatings. On these coatings a coating quartz sand is arranged. For the industrial biological activation of the materials the hollow body should be long 6 to 8 m. Its open cross section and thus the surface of the film and/or. the sheet metal, which locks the hollow body down, it is so limited that under the surface comfortably pallets with 50 kg bags with mineral materials can be put down. That is, that the surface of the sheet metal is approximately so large, like the underlying pallet.

In a spacing of approx. 2 m under the Orgonkammer the material which can be activated is stored. An appropriate time for the storing are approx. 6 hours. Depending upon the use it concerns with the mineral materials calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate or sodium chloride. According to the safety sheet in accordance with EEC guideline 91/155/EWG, point 2, composition/data acts it with the components over

- Natural one, gemahlenes calcium carbonate, CaCO3 (CAS NR. 1317-65-3)
- NaCl sodium chloride (CAS NR. 7647-14-5)
- Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (MgSO4 x 7H2O), (CAS NR. 010034-99-8)
During the storing of the mineral materials under the Orgonkammer takes place a biological activation of the materials, whereby the results of the activation speak for itself.

The invention is to be described now on the basis embodiments, which occupy the results of the biological activation.

1. Example
Decontamination of poisoned trays, investigational procedure
Into a quantity of 100 m< 3> contaminated earth 5 kg biological activated calcium carbonate are interfered under Wasserzugabe. A control rent with same earth is set without addition of the material. Both silos kompostieren during one period of 4 to 6 months. Then the evaluation of the residual values takes place. With the silo with addition of the aforementioned material completely substantially better values are obtained.

It is referred to table 1.

2. Example
The influence of biological activated calcium carbonate on the health and the growth achievement of pigs:
It concerns in the following the excerpt of an authorized working translation by May 2001 of The University OF Queensland, The Australasian Pig of institutes

Significant results and conclusions in pig production
Study 1

- With bio active fed sucking sows ate more (increase around 12%) and lost during the Laktation fewer weight (18% less).
- With piglets with bio active less frequently Ruhr arose to fed sows on than with piglets at sows, which were not fed with bio active (4.8% compared with 20,0%). The group of the pigs may during the times of the test of no treatment with antibiotics contrary to the control's group, fed with bio active
- The growth rate of the piglets increased by 6%, if the sucking sow with bio active were fed.
- The total improvement of the mast achievement points on the fact that bio active is a suitable fodder additive for sucking sows.
- It has the appearance that the feeding is sucking sows with bio active for the suction piglets of use.
Study 2

- The fodder utilization relationship of the setting off piglets improved by the addition from bio active to the fodder around 7,6%.
- Pigs, the fodder with bio active did not receive, were healthier - Ruhr.
- The total improvement of the mast achievement points on the fact that bio active is a suitable fodder additive for setting off piglets.
3. Example
Out of product informations of the applicant for a patent is to be taken:

a) Product group: Animal fodder additive
Chemical designation: CaCO3
Specification: Permission for ecological animal breeding
Animal species:
Pigs, cattle, poultry, horses, sheep, etc. special successes documented gutachterlich for pigs
Employment recommendation:
200 g bio active animal fodder additive on a ton of dry weight finished fodder for pigs.
With cattle and other animals accordingly to the force fodder
If animal health improves, improves yields;
Nut/mother sow eats better, has more milk, liking ore during the Laktation less off, can be in former times inseminated again.
Fewer stillbirths, get sufficient milk, are healthier, have fall through less and thus fewer deaths.
Receivings after the depositing during TrockenfĂĽtterung water with bio active soaking water additive and have a by far better daily increase. Fewer illnesses.
Improves fodder utilization and clearly shorter final assembly branch duration (as per. Appraisals of the lehr and laboratory of the country Saxonia-Anhalt 102 days in place of 111 days) of pigs are calm and clean. Improves meat quality, higher lean-meat and low fat portion, altogether fewer illnesses, antibiotic treatments nearly not necessarily.
The increment per pig amounts as per. Appraisal LVA Iden on approx. 6.50 EUR per Mastschwein zzgl. 9 days shorter stable allocation.
b) Product group: Soaking water additive
Chemical designation: NaCl
Specification: Permission for ecological animal breeding
Animal species: Like before in the example 3.a)
Employment recommendation: 1000 g bio active soaking water additive on 30 m< 3> Water for pigs, cattle and. A. Animal species. Also suitably for biological stable cleaning
Advantages: Like before in the example 3.a)
4. Example
Out of production information of the applicant for a patent is to be taken further:

a) Product group: Liquid manure improvement
Chemical designation: CaCO3
Specification: Permission for ecological animal breeding
Animal species: Pigs, cattle, poultry, horses, sheep, etc.,
Employment recommendation: Directly 1000 g bio active liquid manure additive on 100 m< 3> Liquid manure.
In the stable: 20 to 100 g to 100 litres water over the entire stable floor squirts weekly. Moisten well.
Advantages: Swimming and sinking layers dissolve. The liquid manure homogenizes itself. Channels flow off better. Clearly less expenditure for agitating the liquid manure, energy saving, decrease of fly troubles.
Immediately better stable climate. Better Fresslust, fewer lung damage, calm animals, with cattle better milk production, no ammonia smell of the milk.
Drastic decrease of the noxious gases ammonia disappears nearly completely. Methane, nitrous oxide, CO2 are strongly reduced
Nitrogen gain:
Because the plant-available ammonium ticking off (NH4) to the poisonous, stinking ammonia (NH3) is not diminished.
The regional environment is not loaded with the removing of the liquid manure by far any longer so strongly by the unpleasant smell.
b) Product group: Kompostierhilfe, humus improvement
Chemical designation: CaCO3
Specification: For Grosskompostieranlagen and garden composting
Uses: In the garden compost, if new material is brought in, something bio active (2-3 Esslöffel per watering can) with water over the material squirts.
Add to the input with Grosskompostieranlagen.
Employment recommendation: 4000-5000 g bio active powders for compost on 100 m< 3> Inputs, with water over the entire inputs squirt.
During plowless treatment of fields squirt after the harvesting 1 kg/ha.
Advantages: Quick and better rotting of the Kompostiergutes. Harvest arrears and roots rot clearly better. Humus improvement in the entire tray. Drastic decrease of the noxious gases and the bad smells. Ammonia disappears nearly completely. Methane, nitrous oxide, CO2 are strongly reduced.
Nitrogen gain: Because the plant-available ammonium ticking off (NH4) to the poisonous, stinking ammonia (NH3) is not diminished.
Environment: The regional environment is not loaded with the shifting and dismantling of the compost rents by far any longer so strongly by the unpleasant smell.
5. Example
Biological activated materials for plants
The activated materials are given separately solved in water as Spritzmittel in tank mixtures without separate processing step or on the field. The quantity required amounts to 1000 g/ha.

The useful soil bacteria increase, the tray are clearly more warmly, more absorbent and looser due to the aerobic bacteria activity. The humus formation is enormously increased. With useful plants this causes a stronger root growth, a faster maturing and partially completely substantial increments up to 20%. In the cultivation of potato up to 2,2 t increment per hectare were determined. In the plowless cultivation harvest arrears rot quicker and better.

6. Example
Biological activated materials for purification plants
The biological activated materials are suitable outstanding for the use in large and house purification plants as well as for garden and camping toilets.

Already by the inset of very small quantities the smell load decreases/goes back clearly. In large purification plants bio active within the aerobic range works.

Quantity required
House purification plants 30 g per m< 3>
Large purification plants 2 kg to 100 m< 3>

7. Example
Biological activated materials for waters and ponds
The activated materials are given to lakes and ponds, whose water is often also faulig cloudy and.

One can determine the effect mostly within fewer weeks. The water becomes increasingly clear and the smell decreases/goes back. The alga vegetation decreases/goes back to a biological justifiable measure, the oxygen content of the water becomes clearly higher, water animals returns to an intact habitat.
Quantity required: 1 kg to 400-500 m< 3> Water

8. Example
Biological activated materials for lawns, also for roses and Stauden applicably
Biological activated materials are dissolved in the water and poured over the lawn. After the use and an appropriate impact time the grasses of the turf are strongly promoted in their growth. The plants are more resistant to fungal attack.

Period of the use
February until May Septembers until November

Quantity required
with turfs: 500 g biological activated material on 10 l water, 60-80 g sufficiently per m< 2>
with roses and Stauden: 15-20 g around the plant distribute, in-rake and afterwards land on water.

9. Example
Biological activated materials for the viticulture
An agrarian enterprise in D-06268 Steigra places solid:
The use took place with the sort Grauburgunder on a surface from approx. 0.6 hectars.

To the comparison likewise 0.6 hectars were not treated. Due to the quite late application date an evaluation of the effect in impulse ability and the grape/cluster weight was omitted.

Yield to 15.08.2000, stage 79-81 (end grape/cluster conclusion; ) At the time of the harvesting measuring of the Mostgewichte, in the treated plot, resulted in beginning ripe one a result better around 3 DEG Oechsle.

As grape/cluster suppliers this DEG Oechsle improves 3 substantially our operating result.

10. Example
By the lehr and laboratory for animal husbandry and technology Iden (Saxonia-Anhalt) was compiled in July 2001 a test evaluation with the title ?inset of bio active in the pig mast?, part 1. The summary reads:
In a feeding attempt the inset of bio active became on the efficiency of the pigs examines at 200 Mastschweinen. Two identical compartments were occupied with 100 animals each and along and/or. without bio active additive fed.

In mast performance data at the bio active's group statistical securable improvements showed themselves in the parameters attitude days, fodder utilization and daily increases. Within the range of the battle achievement the bio active's group in the features lean meat portion and meat measure statistical cut off secured with better results.

Altogether the inset of bio active in this attempt clearly positively affected itself.

Further embodiments could be stated due to extensive test results and outstanding references at home and abroad. The past statements with the use of the biological activated materials speak for itself.

Finally is referred to the following.

There both examples partial literal passages from reports and/or. References were taken over, come repeat the term ?bio active? for the treatment substances to the use. It concerns natural the inorganic substances, which were activated after the method according to invention biological.

Kompostieranlage Caaschwitz

Decontamination with bio active powder solution (5 kg m< to 100; 3> Input)
Kompostieranlage Caaschwitz

Decontamination without bio active powder solution

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