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20 July 2007

Bio-Magnetic Hydrology: MRET Smirnov

The Effect of a Specially Modified Electromagnetic Field on the Molecular Structure of Liquid Water
© Copyright 2003 by Dr. Igor V. Smirnov, Ph.D. & M.S., and President, Global Quantec, Inc.; USA
(Explore Issue: Volume 13, Number 1)

Water is the foundation for all life processes. Although even today most of people still assume that water is only H2O. It has been proven that water has a very complicated structure which was only recently begun to be researched. It is not surprising, therefore, that when judging the quality of water, its structure (molecular orientation in space) is seldom considered. Modern research in biophysics proved that even slight change in molecular structure of water could dramatically change physical and physiological properties of water. Water has the capacity to receive, store and to pass on information in the form of electromagnetic signals. In general this process is similar to the process of receiving and storing information in the silicon chips of modern electronics. It is probable that the information retention within water results from dynamic modification of the molecular structure of water. This property of water is especially important for living organisms: on the one hand water acts as an information carrier within the organism itself, while on the other hand; essential information necessary for life is carried by water from the outside environment into the metabolism. It is generally known that all metabolic reactions in two living organisms take place within colloidal solutions. In colloidal solutions substances are dispersed in such a fine manner that they can no longer be differentiated from the liquid.

Important examples are blood, plant juices, etc. Disturbances of these colloidal systems, or even worse, their total disruption, are synonymous with degenerative conditions of diseases. There is a relationship between the health of living organisms and the colloidal state in its tissues. The stability of colloidal solutions stands in a direct physical relationship to the molecular structure of water. It is important for the stability of colloidal systems that the structure of water exerts a great degree of organization upon the colloidal particles. The extent and propagation of such an ordered state throughout the water could be described as its information content. Another word the more organized the molecular structure of water the more stable is colloidal system. In this way we can recognize the relationship between the function of water as the carrier of information and its role as the fundamental carrier medium for colloidal systems. Good drinking water, which meets these requirements, can stabilize the colloidal condition within our body fluids and considerably influence and promote cellular health. Whether or not water can meet these requirements cannot be determined exclusively through quantitative analysis of dissolved substances or chemical purity tests. An equally important determining factor, perhaps having even greater significance, is the prior physical history of the water itself.

There are lots of types of purified waters such as spring, distilled, colloidal, and nanoclustered waters. But no process has previously been known which can alter the molecular structure of water without any foreign substances being introduced into the water. This invention relies on the idea that electromagnetic radiation can affect the atomic and molecular structures of substances. This fact was proved by specific class of experiments involving Rydberg atoms - atoms with an electron in a highly extended orbital (Rydberg Atoms - Giants of the Atomic World by F. Barry Dunning in Science Spectra issue 3, pp. 34-38, 1995).

The effect an electromagnetic force has on an atom depends on the atom’s electronic structure during the interaction. One could imagine that the application of the appropriate time-dependent force to an atom could alter its electronic structure in a specific way, thereby controlling its response to subsequent radiative or collisional processes. Furthermore, the specificity of certain reactions of electronic structure might be exploited to reconstruct the motion of the atomic electron cloud. The key to the manipulation of electronic structure in atoms is the generation of electromagnetic fields or radiation that will push and pull the electronic wave function in a controlled and reproducible way. (Modifying Atomic Architecture by Robert R. Jones in Science Spectra Issue 22, pp. 52-59, 2000).

The mechanism that explains the effect of electromagnetic fields on water is related to the existence of defects in molecular structure of water. The stable structural changes in water were detected in experiments by the UV luminescence spectrophotometer. They have been attributed to different water structural defects that include specific centers of luminescence. The nuclear proton spins were considered to be a primary targets of external magnetic fields, since proton lattice of water molecules is unstable and asymmetric. The structural metastability of water was associated with microscopic orbital currents of protons in water-molecular hexagons, and deviation from the stochiometric composition of water. The effects of memory of water interacting with electromagnetic fields were supposed to originate from the oscillations of watermolecular hexagons.


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