Radiant Dielectric Aether Field Energy

28 August 2007

Construction Plans: Build a MRET with XHD Ergonite-Polymeric Matrix


rogerlutra said...

Having studied the MRET, I have been thinking what's in it also. My compass suggests ring magnets rather than discs. But how is the ergonite activated? You don't seem to indicate on your plan. Not being able to detect any EM output, my guess it is a Mobius coil.

Blacksmith said...

Activated by the LED light at 7.8 Hz and 660 mn Red
and the magnetic field stimulates the XHD Ergonite material: see Wizzers workshop by Jon Logan.
Mobius coil is something I would like to try next. Scalar wave modulation of frequencies and music into the water. The patent describes a magnet with north and south sides a disc. Also an oscillations where detected, how this is done? not sure yet.

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