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12 December 2007

Bione and Orgone therapy: Containing Energy enriched and Informed Quartz flour

Patent number: DE19902369
Publication date: 2000-07-27
Applicant: VOLLERT KAI (DE)
- international: A61N1/16; A61N1/00; (IPC1-7): A61N5/00
- european: A61N1/16
Application number: DE19991002369 19990121
Priority number(s): DE19991002369 19990121

Abstract of DE19902369
The equipment includes e.g. a compress, collar or bandage made of plastic or rubber mixed with quartz flour. Independent claims are included for the following: (a) a method for producing the device in which the quartz and plastic granules are mixed, the plastic is melted and the mixture is molded; (b) a Bione accumulator (1), used in orgone therapy, consisting essentially of a Dr. Wilhelm Reich accumulator in which a quartz element (5) and ultraviolet light source (4) are included. The quartz is located for excitation into oscillation by the ultraviolet light source. This imparts energetic information to it. Preferred features: The plastic is an elastomer. An additional chamber provides for inflation, e.g. using air. In the pad of the compress, a cavity is included for enriched and informed quartz flour. In manufacture, casting, injection molding or pressing is employed.

The invention refers to a device for application in the Bion or Orgontherapie as well as to a procedure for the production of such a device.

For the execution of a Orgontherapie already Bion accumulators or also Orgon accumulators are well-known. These accumulators find everywhere there employment, with that for example to blood and the remaining organs of a human body by up and/or. Reload with a vital Orgonenergie to be supplied must.

Measurements show that all healthy organs have high Orgon of portions, ill organs however less Orgonanteile exhibit. By reloading and/or. In all other respects load by means of this therapy facility, those on the discoverer Dr. William realm to lead back is and nowadays in innumerable nature welfare practices and hospitals employment finds, can a fast recovery of all kind be caused.

With the past Orgon accumulators it concerns a so-called therapy emitter, which is developed as hollow bodies, whereby with a remark example of the hollow bodies to a side approaches conical and at this side also an opening proves.

The Orgon accumulator must be loaded by means of cosmic energy. The admission of the cosmic energy happens passively and depends crucially on the day and night rhythm, weather front and for example smog.

For lengthening time therapies for example 09 090 pieces of clothing are well-known from the DE 298, with which in defined places in the piece of clothing by UV light enriched/informed quartz powder for the execution of the Orgontherapie are enclosed.

Here it is now suggested that the informed quartz powder, which is welded into plastic small bags preferably is by means of one solvable attachable seal to certain parts of the body of humans attachable, in order to accomplish so purposefully depending upon application and medical indication an appropriate therapy individually.

A substantial disadvantage of the latter device consists of the fact that in a very complex and procedure which can be accomplished usually by hand the enriched informed/quartz powder into prefabricated plastic small bags be brought and afterwards welded must.

Besides it can happen that due to the grit of the quartz powder or a bad welding seam the small bag and/or. Package tears and so the quartz powder uncontrolled to flow out can.

This happens in particular if the packages are damaged by a mechanical load, which can be caused by body movement.

Therefore the task consists of creating a device as well as procedures for the production of the device by means of which easily and way quartz powder can be seized and held compactly and mechanically loadable as well as.

The principle of the solution of the task consists of it, quartz powder as well as a plastic mixing india rubber or similar material so that the quartz powder is directly in the plastic, india rubber or similar material embedded.

The solution of the task consists of the fact that the mechanism exhibits the form of a Kompresse, a seal or a bandage or such a thing for the admission of the quartz powder, whereby this consists of a plastic, an india rubber or a similar material and the quartz powder is mixed with this plastic, india rubber or similar material and so a unit closed in itself forms.

The procedure according to invention for the production of a device for application in the bio or Orgontherapie is characterized by the following process steps: a) Mix from quartz and plastic granulates b) Melt opens of the plastic granulates, c) Fill the melted plastic granulates and the quartz granulates contained in it into an appropriate form.

In the following of the term plastic granulates is spoken, then is besides by it india rubber granulates or a similar material to be understood.

A substantial advantage of the invention consists of the fact that easily and way quartz powder, that enriched and/or. it is informed, is kept in such a manner that this can withstand quite mechanical loads, without the mechanism tears for the keeping of this quartz powder, so that this can withdraw.

A further advantage of the device consists of the fact that the enriched and informed quartz powder is mixed with a flexible plastic, an india rubber or a similar material, for example in silicone. It is possible to arrange flexible and Kompressen ductile flexible in itself and to attach those by a simple adjustment, which are arranged either separately or already directly directly in a cushion-like element, to any part of the body.

Since the device is manufactured by syringes, pouring, presses or deleting in a form of aufgeschmelzten plastic granulates as well as the quartz powder, it is conceivable that the Kompresse, seal or bandage exhibit the form of a part of the body directly. Thus for example a seal can being arranged at joints, like the elbow or the knee, which sets itself directly on the roundnesses of the part of the body and also accordingly ?takes part in movements?, without the seal separates from the surface of the part of the body. For this the base is preferably plattenförmig trained.

In order to avoid a sweating underneath the Kompresse, planned drillings are already arranged in the device in the production process, which permit an air interchange on both sides to the device.

A further alternative execution of the device consists of it, one heat shrinkage-ends plastic to plan.

By this execution it is possible that in a first step the device is adapted to an appropriate part of the body by heat applying, for example with a hair dryer is in such a manner changed that this device keeps then also its form.

The arrangement with the device according to invention permits it also that directly with the production process to the sides of the device catch elements are one-piece trainable. This catch element can be in such a manner arranged that to both sides rubber-like volumes with in each case a closing element away-extend, so that the device is simply attachable to a part of the body, for example at a foot or at an arm.

For the production of the device preferably the use of recyclingable plastic, india rubber or similar material is intended.

Over this device and/or. the enriched and informed quartz embedded in the device ?to load?, it is necessary, the plastic, to train india rubber UVsteadily or similar material.

Likewise, the device in form of a Kompresse is intended to train seal or bandage in such a manner that this is attachable at kind of part of the body, like shoulders, elbow, hand and kneeling as well as foot joints. This is however necessary only if the preferably actually rag-like trained base cannot be put optimally to the appropriate surfaces or it can adapt by stretching the base accordingly.

Alternatively to the quartz powder already introduced each swinging and Bionen sending material can be used.

A further substantial advantage of the invention consists of the fact that this is very strike compatible. This meant that the base can be applied directly on the skin surface, without causing for example allergische reactions.

Besides can be sterilized, cooked during a special arrangement of the invention of the bases or be washed for example in the washing machine.

In the design a kissenförmige device according to invention is represented.

This essentially consists of the base of the device 1, as well as to the base linked catch element 2, which consists again of two lax ones, 3 and 4, laterally of the base the 1 away-extend. The base 1 does not exhibit a cavity for the admission of the quartz powder (suggested by points of quartz 5). The quartz powder is distributed over the entire surface of the base.

In dependence of a strike-compatible material choice of the base 1, this can be both in itself flexibly, flexibly, flexibly its and colored arranged. Besides it exhibits the characteristic that the base sterilizes 1, to be cooked or washed can. As materials india rubber or silicone can be planned.

In order to avoid a sweating on the lower surface 6 of the base 1, 7 through-holes 8 for the better air interchange, extending to the lower surface 6, are been careful of the top side.

Alternatively for the past remarks can be also planned to include the informed quartz powder during the treatment process into a cavity in the base.

The execution time only one remark example represented in the figure.

Due to the material choice of the base 1 it is conceivable to arrange this also in arbitrary forms and sizes.

Reference symbol list 1 base 2 catch element 3 lax 4 lax 5 quartz 6 lower surface 7 top side 8 through-holes