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12 December 2007

Far Infrared Emitting Composition using: Yellow Earth as main materials and Herb materials

Patent number: KR20040105655
Publication date: 2004-12-16

Inventor: LEE JAE WAN
Applicant: LEE JAE WAN

- international: C04B14/10; C04B14/02; (IPC1-7): C04B14/10
- european: 
Application number: KR20040094808 20041118
Priority number(s): KR20040094808 20041118

Abstract of KR20040105655


A far infrared emitting composition comprising inorganic materials emitting far infrared rays and anions and herb materials is provided to give beneficial effects to human health and functions such as deodorization, sterilization and humidity control.


The far infrared emitting composition comprises 40-60pts.wt. of yellow earth, 5-10pts.wt. of elvan, 5-10pts.wt. of tourmaline, 5-10pts.wt. of germanium , 4-6pts.wt. of jade, 5-10pts.wt. of herb materials such as pine tree, mustard and angelica, and 5-10wt.%(based on yellow earth) of binder such as agar, starch or polyvinyl alcohol. The resultant composition is applied to mat, chair, sofa and sauna facilities.