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02 February 2008

BAMFx Claudio Scalarizers

Claudio Scalarizer Modules

BAMFx Audio - The Home of Aural Innovations

BAMFx Claudio Scalarizers are our new and specialized devices that are designed to create scalar waves from the signal of an electric guitar, electric bass, or any audio equipment. Small enough to fit into any guitar, bass, effect pedal, preamp, or just about any analog audio instrument or circuitry.

Scalar waves, by nature, contain infinite harmonics. These waves are generated via specially-wound coils inside the device. Attendant harmonics are inserted into the signal path of the electric instrument or audio circuit and manifest themseves as harmonically-related overtones. The net effect of this insertion is that the electric guitar, bass or audio circuit into which the Claudio Scalarizer has been inserted becomes richer-sounding.

The basic action of the Claudio Scalarizer has been found to be portable across all low level analog audio circuitry. Meaning thus, the scalarizer can bring its harmonizing effect to electric guitars and basses, effects pedals, digital multi-fx (by tapping at the analog output), microphones, preamps, guitar amps, tape decks, headphone amps...you name it !

They are so small, they require very little modification to the instrument they are being installed in. Nothing but a minor re-wiring of the instrument is required. They will breathe new life into dull sounding guitars, make cheap sounding axes sound like high-end ones,

Without a doubt, the Claudio Scalarizer is a device whose time has come. It has the power to turn the entire music and audio industry on its ear and challenge many deeply established beliefs about music and audio.

Scalarizer Types

There are four major classifications of Scalarizers, depending on the overall design. These are :

1. Passive Type Scalarizer

Passive Scalarizers feed on the energy of the electric instrument or audio device to generate scalar waves. They require no external power (e.g. batteries) and are very inexpensive and simple to install. They are also the most versatile as they can be easily converted to acoustic scalarizers for use in acoustic instruments, and can be very easily inserted into audio circuitry.

2. Active DuoCore Scalarizers

Active DuoCore Scalarizers feature the same core as passive scalarizers but feature a second scalar-wave generation core which is then powered by a small 3V lithium battery. These Active Scalarizers result in the same general "EQ" of the passive scalarizers but feature more intensified generation of overtones making the tone even more lush and rich.

Active Duocore Scalarizers installed in the output cavity jack of a Squier Stratocaster. Note the CR2032 battery at the bottom of the cavity.

3. Active Buffered Scalarizers

These are scalarizers with built-in unity-gain FET buffers. These are powered by a small 3V Lithium cell. In practice, installing this type of scalarizer "de-loads" the pickups of electric guitars and basses and prevents these from being weighed down by the instrument cable and amplifier input. This allows the true tone of the instrument to come out, and is then made even richer with the built-in scalarizer core.

4. Acoustic Scalarizers

These are special scalarizers for use in acoustic instruments and speaker systems. Basically they have ceramic transducers that allow them to take the vibrations of a musical instrument and process the signal. These are then brought to the instrument also by way of the ceramic transducer. Acoustic Scalarizers are still under testing and will not be offered to the public at this time.

Scalarizer Core Types

The "core" of a scalarizer is referred to as the assembly of the material on which the scalar coils are wound upon, as well as the scalar coils as well. Varying cores will produce varying equalizations for the instrument to suit the player's tastes.

1. Crystal Core

Crystal Core Scalarizers even out the frequency response of an electric instrument (e.g. guitar, bass) and removes the shrill highs and muddy mids and lows of the instrument. The energy taken from these audio frequencies are then converted to overtones that make the sound richer. Thus it can be said that the Crystal Core Scalarizer has the "flattest" EQ of all Scalarizer core types and yet has the most "crystal" sound. Perfect for Stratocasters and overly-muddy Les Paul type guitars. They are differentiated from the other core types by their two red leads.

Hear a soundclip of a passive crystalcore scalarizer here

2. Metal Core

Metal Core Scalarizers have the same overtone generation capability of Crystal core scalarizers but feature an upper midrange "hump". This characteristic EQ goes very well for some musical genres such as classic rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, country and blues. Usually prescribed for "shredder-type" guitars, but will generally match any other guitar and bring it that punchy, twangy tone loved by many guitarists. They are distinguished by their yellow leads (green leads of unit shown is of a prototype).

Hear a Passive Metalcore Scalarizer here

3. Organic Core

Organicore Scalarizers are the warmest sounding devices in the Scalarizer family. These also generate pleasing overtones but have an emphasis in the lower-mid frequencies. This emphasis gives the organicore the characteristic "warmth" of the device. Perfect for hollow or semi-hollow body electric guitars, microphones, compessors and overdrive pedals and for Jazz, blues and clean-guitar rock. Organicore scalarizers are distinguished by their brown leads. Hear a soundclip of a passive organicore scalarizer here

4. Hydrocore

Hydrocore scalarizers feature swirley, chorus-ey sounds built right inside your guitar. The sound produced by hydrocores can only be characterized as "cool" , "wavy" and swirly. All these while still enriching the sound of the electric instrument with lush overtones. Perfect for certain subgenres of Jazz where a cool sound is desirable. Hydrocore scalarizers are distinguised by their black leads. Hear a soundclip of a passive Hydrocore scalarizer here

5. Firecore

Firecore Scalarizers give the instrument a crunchy, overdriven tone. The sound is akin to plugging a guitar into a transparent overdrive pedal with the gain slightly raised. Thus it is like a permanent overdrive built inside your guitar. Great for guitars that are used exclusively for distorted or overdriven sound. Firecore scalarizers are distinguished by their pink leads. Hear a soundclip of a Firecore scalarizer here

L-R Scalarizer Prototypes : Passive Crystalcore, Passive Metalcore, Acoustic Crystalcore

Specifying Scalarizers

Thus with three general types and five core types, there is a total permutation of 15 scalarizers, with 5 cores for every type. Thus to wit :

1. Passive Crystal Scalarizer
2. Passive Metalcore Scalarizer
3. Passive Organicore Scalarizer
4. Passive Hydrocore Scalarizers
5. Passive Firecore Scalarizers
6. Active Crystal DuoCore Scalarizers
7. Active Metal DuoCore Scalarizers
8. Active Organic DuoCore Scalarizers
9. Active Fire DuoCore Scalarizers (special order only)
10. Active Hydro-DuoCore Scalarizers (special order only)
11. Active Buffered Crystalcore
12. Active Buffered MetalCore
13. Active Buffered Organicore
14. Active Buffered Hydrocore (special order only)
15. Active Buffered Firecore (special order only)

Scalarizer Applications

Scalarizers can be used in any musical instrument or any audio equipment with low-level electrical signals. In these applications, scalarizers will always produce the overtones that they are designed to generate and insert these into the signal path. By design, these devices are meant to pass only low currents.

Thus scalarizers can be inserted in electrical musical instruments, effects processors, microphones, earphones and in the line-level section of audio amplifiers. When installed, scalarizers will imbibe these instruments and equipment with the sparkle and warmth that many musicians and audiophiles long for.

Acoustic Scalarizer installed inside a drum shell

Passive Crystalcore Scalarizer installed in a studio-grade condenser microphone

Scalarizer fitted inside a DS-1 Distortion effects pedal

Passive Crystalcore Scalarizer fitted into a stage microphone