Radiant Dielectric Aether Field Energy

02 February 2008



[Above is a photo of the latest update of the DORAS, the DORAS III, with the two low profile slide switches and the output jack; also shown is one of the new 220 mAH NiMH rechargeable 9 volt sized batteries that are now available for use in the DORAS


Custom Internal P.C board; efficient solid state CMOS IC design; under 10mA current consumption in the 'Active' mode; (more when driving an external device.)

Two Frequencies selectable: 15.2 Hz and 31.7 Hz; Center position of switch = OFF

Two Internal multi-turn trimmers used for frequency calibration; can be recalibrated in the future if & when this is desired.

Special "Smooth Energy" Design Mobius Coil, wrapped around a Double Terminated Quartz Crystal, Pulsed at the selected frequency

Blue Light Pulsed into base of Quartz Crystal, pulsed at the same frequency as the Mobius Coil

"View Port" allows you to see the light pulsing through the Internal Quartz Crystal, as an "ON" Indicator

Sliding compartment lid on the lower back allows for quick battery changing; Uses one standard or rechargable 9 volt sized battery

Low Battery LED Indicator on end panel lets you know when it's time to replace or recharge the battery

Internal circuitry runs at an internally requlated supply voltage for operational stability

Compact shirt pocket sized case: 2-3/8" wide, 1" thick, 3-3/4" tall; (toggle switch handle extends another 1/2")

Weight, with battery installed: around 6-1/2 ounces

You can turn it on into the "ACTIVE" mode by feel to either of the available frequencies, without ever taking it out of your pocket, etc.

"ORGONITE" energy generator / transformer core includes a special Sterling Silver Double Helix Coil with three Strerling Silver beads soldered in place; plus a geometrical array of over 30 specially selected items, including Herkamer Diamonds, Citrine and Amethyst crystal points, Natural Almandine Garnets, Topaz, Lapis, Rose Quartz, Calcite crystals, and Hematite. These are embedded in a mix of organic resins and natural crystalline metallic materials including Iron Pyrite, Argentite, Sphalerite, and Galena, as well as other materials.

On 9-26-2002, I'd written most of the following introduction:


I've been testing the first prototype of this shirt pocket sized device myself for many weeks now; I've only spoken of it with a couple of people in private conversations. I wanted to thoroughly test it on myself first... and the results are very promising, indeed!

The device is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, and is powered by a 9 volt battery that's easily changed out. I run mine with a pair of the 9V size NiMH 150maH rechargable batteries, which should give quite a bit of "Active Mode" operating time between recharges- maybe 15 hours or more of continuous operation, based on recent tests. I usually don't keep it on continuously for that long at a time! With two or three of these rechargable batteries and a charger, all available at your local WalMart as well as from many other sources, a DORAS user should be well set for extended ventures.

Technical Note: Pulsing the blue light through the crystal takes a fair percentage of the power drawn from the battery, but my impression is that is adds another dimension to DORAS's dynamics; it's what I think of as a 'good trade'!

There's a "Low Battery" indicator on the end panel of DORAS, to let you know when it's time to swap out (or recharge) the battery. The internal voltage regulation aspect of the custom circuitry provides stable operation throughout the battery charge life, until the battery discharges below the level where the 'recharge / replace' LED indicator comes on.

There's a specialized "Smooth Energy" Mobius Coil I form, wrapped around a nice, clear D.T. quartz crystal, which is pulsed at either of two frequencies. But I also pulse blue light into the base of the quartz crystal at the same frequency simultaneously. [Mobius Coils are said by some to primarily produce Scalar Waves, more so than conventional EM waves. I'd suggest doing a search on GOOGLE on the topic if you're interested in the variety of information available on the web.]

When switched on & running one of the two frequencies, the pulsing blue light (and the tip of the quartz crystal) is visible through a 'view port' ; you can of course use this simply as an 'on' indicator. Some might even decide to use DORAS as a type of compact psionic projector, pointing the crystal as they are guided while directing their intention with the energy from the device. The 15.2 Hz frequency might generally be the most suitable for this type of use as an 'intention driver', (although some users report using both frequencies for this purpose.) I'll leave this to you, to work with as you are guided. As with all 'active mode' psionic devices, your visualizations and intentions are a dynamic aspect of the use of such a device.

Again, I'd suggest a search on the subject of "PSIONIC" and "PSYCHOTRONIC" devices on GOOGLE for those interested in further information. (The books of Michael G. Smith will also likely be of interest; while they're now out of print, Amazon.com does offer connections for buying used copies. His most recent book, "Crystal Vision" might be a good one to locate.)

The circuitry module and main Mobius Coil Wrapped Crystal fit closely over and are partially embedded within a specially made "orgonite" assemblage, which includes a silver double helix coil with 3 silver beads (on the same surface as the battery door- I like this side towards my body!), and several small Herkamer Diamonds, as well as several Almandine Garnets, Amethyst & Citrine points, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Lapis, and Topaz, all embedded in a matrix of Pyrite, Argentite, Sphalerite, and Galena in an energetic matrix of organic resins.

I use two frequencies, closely calibrated with multi-turn precision trimmers; 15.2 Hz and 31.7 Hz.

The 15 hz / 15.2 Hz has been tallked about by many as a protective resonance against adverse psychic influences, as well as an 'intention driver' resonance. (I won't go into further detail at this time.)

The 31.7 Hz is amazing in how it seems to strengthen the body's energy field in the presence of EMF / RF fields. I built the first one to help me deal with the pulsed magnetic fields from the 60 Hz that permeates our environment these days, including the pulsed magnetic fields from flourescent lighting. But I'm now understanding that this device, running this frequency, can do a lot more than this, to help reinforce the body's energy field when exposed to a wide specrtum of frequencies / fields that otherwise have an adverse effect on us. As always, our intention in using such a device can play an important part.

Another anecdotal reaction to a first encounter using the DORAS: I handed my first DORAS prototype, running the 31.7 Hz resonance at the moment, to a very energy sensitive friend who was working at the time in the "Earth Love Gallery". This is a shop filled with fabulous mineral / crystal specimens on the west edge of Denver, which unfortunately is in a commercial space which has recessed flourescent lighting overhead. She immediately said, "Wow- I just felt my energy field go out to here!" gesturing with her hands out to a couple feet on either side of her body.

After the Orgonite core is created, each DORAS is 'activated' and 'charged', and then 'harmonized' by my own processes. The DORAS can also be carried and used in a 'Passive Mode', without being turned on; it's already running a lot of energy into your body's energy field in this 'passive' mode. (I come up with a Bovis Unit reading of 16,300 in the passive mode- quite substantial for a compact shirt pocket sized device.)

But when it's turned on in the 'Active mode' on either of these frequencies, my impression is that it multiplies it's potential influences dynamicly beyond any comparably sized 'Passive Mode' device out there. The "Active Mode" Bovis Unit reading jumps to 19,700, from the testing I have done on one recently completed device. The Bovis Unit reading can't begin to tell the whole story when we get into active energy dynamics and synergy- especially when we begin to deal with actively driven frequencies and possible scalar wave aspects; it's still just one evaluation technique I find useful.

Personal reactions and impressions from my 'energy sensitive' friends has been very positive; when more sensitive individuals have had a chance to experience DORAS, I'll hopefully be able to share some of their specific impressions and experiences with you.

Since I've made the first one that I've now used for several weeks, DORAS has become one of my favorite traveling companions! {grin}

Now that I've used it myself for quite a while, I'm ready to offer this experimental device to others. I can really make no claims as to how anyone might be able to employ DORAS; I leave that up to the individual.

Subject: DORAS unit : Report Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002

I asked one individual to share his impressions of the DORAS; here's the message I received.

Yes, I've been carrying it for several days. In fact I got a distinct 'tingling' sensation just by picking up the package at the post office even before opening it.

Nice energy, definitely more refined that the orgone zapper -- which I still like very much by the way, only now I'll be a little more free with loaning that out! Definitely 'happening' all over the subtle levels as well. While wearing it in active mode (either frequency), I find it's much easier for me to 'visualize' sending someone / something a needed 'orgone bath' (same technique Don describes), and the vividness of the visualization is much more vibrant -- like the quality of intent is 'purer' (probably due to lack of outside interference in active mode).

Have had it present during one gifting excursion, but since this was not a large excursion I can't report anything definitive except that I noticed virtually none of the 'typical' stress one might experience during the same.

One 'technique' which has made itself evident to me since wearing the doras is the 'orgone scan' : 'seeing' a building, room, or other such vessel as having a nice, vibrant flat blue 'plane' of pure orgone pass vertically through the area in an effort to detect potential sources of psychic interference. This works as a preventive measure too, since said area has just received a nice orgone bath and so visualization of a nifty blue orgone bubble encompassing said area is second nature at that point.

[Earlier, before receiving the doras as I was developing this scanning technique during one of the first attempts, I intentionally 'bathed' a spewplane during mid-trail. Within 5 seconds the trail ceased, within 15 seconds the visible trail began vanishing (as I had extended the visualization to encompass that remnant activity). Within 3 minutes, the entire sky trail was all but invisible. Within approximately 7 minutes, I saw one of the ubiquitous 'black helicopters' being dispatched to the exact area where I had performed said visualization — since I was on the road when this occurred, I was able to see all of this is real time. Quite the 'circus' it was, but also nice confirmation of the power of simple intent.]

I'm sure I'll have more to report soon. So far, I'm very pleased. Brought the unit over to a sensitive friend last night. She'd been recovering from a heavy flu (for which I lent her my Zapper) and so being sense-dulled she wasn't as 'sensitive' as normal, but once the unit switched on she said 'wow', felt it in her chest and heart chakra right away, not unpleasant at all. For reference, she trends toward clairsentience, while I generally trend toward clairaudience and delayed cognition though I appear to receive a great deal of sense information through my palms.

Let's keep in touch. I'll keep you posted as I can and thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to develop this amazing little device.


On 9-12-2005, another DORAS user writes:

I purchased a DORAS from you about a year ago. Among the thirty or so Orgone genrating devices I own, it is my favorite for it's compactness, palpable action, and price. I have recomended you highly on the Xtrememind.com forum where most Orgone producing Manufactureres and users speak out on issues regarding Orgone, scalalr Wave Tech and manifesting etc.



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